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Latex got me into this. I started writing stories. However, it was later thought about the purpose of the project. I wanted to exist, even for a moment between the truth and fabrication. Maybe I was afraid of forgetting, a slow blur of memories, and maybe I wanted to explain to someone, that person alone can not be held fully responsible for the events, which sometimes simply and spontaneously formed a tedious fate. All through life tangled, or perhaps a dual nature of mine. I wander all the time stretches out for me this pernicious fatalism.

Latex clothes hanging in the closet. The last gift from someone who knew me well. I stood before the mirror and pulled black shiny catsuit on. I’d rather sexy lingerie, but she decided that the latex is what I need and then it happened. I decided to be born again.

latex catsuit
I decided to be born without any applause, somewhere, alone, with an empty pint of Pilsner decided. I brought Lilly. Zygote of a hot night of Saturday, passions, to remember, because it reminds me who I’ve become and influences who I will be.

I decided to be born, because I did not want to die.