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I was sitting on a massive corner . Light of the street lamps penetrated through the obscured window blinds . Gently illuminates the shapes of the female body . She was sitting behind the desk and smoked another cigarette . She looked enigmatically in a shadowy room. Behind the raven curls dreamy child’s face. Totally did not think that it is a woman born out Witkiewicz ‘s novel – the femme fatale .

She walked in front of me, wearing sexy lingerie. Gently rocked her hips . She was able to move beautifully . It was impossible to take eyes off her tanned , full buttocks. Sex itself. She stood in front of the mirror meticulously arranging her hair. Her round , feminine belly gently leaned against the sink. I absorbed all the beauty of that woman, recorded every move, interpret every gesture , smile, look. Put off the moment that was going to happen. I was in a blissful happiness , knowing that soon we will do it.  I was not afraid , like before, at the beginning … Now I could hardly control myself . Finally, I pulled her closer and hugged tightly . No words. She kissed me deliciously , grabbed my hand and led me into the bedroom.