So wonderfully intentional life got changed. My returns to home and that strong desire to hug my loved one turned out into a barren hope . I knew already that I can not delude myself . I sat down in a corner and waited. Each subsequent event buried my naivety alive .

Our life has become a virtual one. It was an illusion carefully developed by craziness of a woman . Matrix. Lived in the sweet unconsciousness and only occasionally reached the dormant brain condition, it is not as it should be. Well, some people believe that love is a value itself , another perversely use it to gain something. The contradiction of emotions and constant mood swings – perpetual motion . Life was not easy , but most of all it could not be boring.

– You say ” I love you ” only when you’re having fun … – I turned her attention. She thought for a moment.
You’re right – she admitted. Rarely agreed with my opinion.

We forget about anything that troubles us. Bad moments go away  and only the good ones remain… which I begin to miss more and more in my life. Morning wake up call brought the memory, that was like a bucket of a cold water. She wore the black latex dress as she came back from the clubbing and then she informed me politely: ” Get the fuck out of this house . You have three hours ! ” How is it possible that I forgot how divine she can be?