We live inside a dream.

World at a glance like the fairy tales by David Lynch.
Have you seen Mulholland Drive?
I’ve seen it.
And what is it about? I don’t understand it.

We were told that we are chasing an illusion.

The desires of childhood constantly reminded of it. Losing myself I entered the worlds of others. However, I quickly burned up searching for the new desires, different names, new places, new worlds, not explored ones. I was abandoning life quite often, living in a world, that kept failng, never meeting my ideas and hopes. Entangled in the adventures of the certain expectations and passions, but in most of them I could not endure. I could also go the same path as the people important to me for a while. It is difficult for a casual observer to understand the logic of women‘s action , because in these activities there is no algorithm, an easily discernible order.