I wonder about the ability to come up with unimportant matters , which do not have the slightest importance , and are like bubbles in the wind . Alice had this capability. She clogged her emptiness by the objects. Her room was not only eclectic. It was tasteless. Crammed mess of boxes, books, figurines , photos, CDs , pens and suitcases just tired an eye .

Lack of practicality , the inability to set realistic targets, frothing bubbles on long journeys , about this and that , which will never be realized. The important thing was revels in the concept . She lacked humility, instead was inflated delight and persistence in inculcating of the same to others. With the constant frequency of changing interest like a hyperactive child, trafficking , switching idols and places. She could not grasp the one, but the most important thing in her life. Being in one state, already thinking about the next one, from one place to another, dreamed of denying the uniqueness of the existing. Bored quickly with the new ideas , people, or places where she had to spend too much time .

She’s never been able to admit a mistake and never apologized. She was like an oracle -all knowing, all seing. Although she looked like a resourceful person, she was not an independent one. Depending on the situation she had to rely on the assistance or money of someone elses. Without this, being alone, she wasn’t able to accomplish anything. The challenges, the success, which depended on her ended up mostly failed.

She was able to brag about your new clothes , some new concepts and plans that passed like the spring storm, but I’ve never heard the story of higher value , where she would be the person, who is really helpful to others. She was a narcistic personality most of all .