Dark latex queen twisted my life upside down.



So wonderfully intentional life got changed. My returns to home and that strong desire to hug my loved one turned out into a barren hope . I knew already that I can not delude myself . I sat down in a corner and waited. Each subsequent event buried my naivety alive .

Our life has become a virtual one. It was an illusion carefully developed by craziness of a woman . Matrix. Lived in the sweet unconsciousness and only occasionally reached the dormant brain condition, it is not as it should be. Well, some people believe that love is a value itself , another perversely use it to gain something. The contradiction of emotions and constant mood swings – perpetual motion . Life was not easy , but most of all it could not be boring.

– You say ” I love you ” only when you’re having fun … – I turned her attention. She thought for a moment.
You’re right – she admitted. Rarely agreed with my opinion.

We forget about anything that troubles us. Bad moments go away  and only the good ones remain… which I begin to miss more and more in my life. Morning wake up call brought the memory, that was like a bucket of a cold water. She wore the black latex dress as she came back from the clubbing and then she informed me politely: ” Get the fuck out of this house . You have three hours ! ” How is it possible that I forgot how divine she can be?


Not the first time. That sexy lingerie.


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I was sitting on a massive corner . Light of the street lamps penetrated through the obscured window blinds . Gently illuminates the shapes of the female body . She was sitting behind the desk and smoked another cigarette . She looked enigmatically in a shadowy room. Behind the raven curls dreamy child’s face. Totally did not think that it is a woman born out Witkiewicz ‘s novel – the femme fatale .

She walked in front of me, wearing sexy lingerie. Gently rocked her hips . She was able to move beautifully . It was impossible to take eyes off her tanned , full buttocks. Sex itself. She stood in front of the mirror meticulously arranging her hair. Her round , feminine belly gently leaned against the sink. I absorbed all the beauty of that woman, recorded every move, interpret every gesture , smile, look. Put off the moment that was going to happen. I was in a blissful happiness , knowing that soon we will do it.  I was not afraid , like before, at the beginning … Now I could hardly control myself . Finally, I pulled her closer and hugged tightly . No words. She kissed me deliciously , grabbed my hand and led me into the bedroom.

Lilly was here. Latex Queen was born.


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Latex got me into this. I started writing stories. However, it was later thought about the purpose of the project. I wanted to exist, even for a moment between the truth and fabrication. Maybe I was afraid of forgetting, a slow blur of memories, and maybe I wanted to explain to someone, that person alone can not be held fully responsible for the events, which sometimes simply and spontaneously formed a tedious fate. All through life tangled, or perhaps a dual nature of mine. I wander all the time stretches out for me this pernicious fatalism.

Latex clothes hanging in the closet. The last gift from someone who knew me well. I stood before the mirror and pulled black shiny catsuit on. I’d rather sexy lingerie, but she decided that the latex is what I need and then it happened. I decided to be born again.

latex catsuit
I decided to be born without any applause, somewhere, alone, with an empty pint of Pilsner decided. I brought Lilly. Zygote of a hot night of Saturday, passions, to remember, because it reminds me who I’ve become and influences who I will be.

I decided to be born, because I did not want to die.